Carlswark Cavern: Gin Entrance update
Report From: Phil Baker.
Report Date:

The remaining loose blocks at the Gin Entrance appear to have fallen now (27/7/07) and the step that remains consists of 1.3m vertical step of backfill, made up of earth/small stones and reasonably well binded by roots.  There doesn't appear to be anything substantial left near the surface of the step that could fall and seriously hurt someone.  However as an interim measure  Ralph Johnson has left a ladder (that was a bit short) that avoids disturbing the slope further, but is likely to bring a longer one soon, altho' it may well go missing quickly!

Update 16/08/2007 from Pete Knight:- On a trip to Carlswark a couple of days ago I saw that the entrance step had been rebuilt. Instead of putting the original step back, two smaller steps have been built in its place. I found that this made getting groups in and out a lot faster and easier. All the work done looks very solid. The iron ladder was still there and was being used for the top step.

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