Castleton 3D Cave Survey Project
Titan 3D survey.
Report From: Ed.
Report Date: 27/07/2013.
Published: 27/07/2013.

The project continues with recent additions including a volumetric survey of Titan and a re-survey from Speedwell's Main Rising to Whirlpool Rising.

Dave Nixon has completed the volumetric survey of Titan (using a Disto X and Trimble Recon PDA). This will be integrated this into the main Castleton area survey but in addition it will allow Titan's volume to be accurately calculted for the first time.

The splays were taken at 5m intervals while descending the main upper and lower pitches, and from Horne's Gully ascending to the east.

This screen shot (click to enlarge) shows Titan as if facing 037 looking down at -24.

Full details and downloads are available here on the Peak District Caving web site.
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