Descent 244 Peak News

Water Icicle Close Cavern
Digging and exploration.
Next report Descember 2015

Axe Hole
Entrance blocked by large boulder following a collapse in the bank above.
Next report August 2015

Lay-by Shelter
The dig started by the late John Beck has been taken over by members of SUSS.

Peak Cavern
Obtaining access isn't as restricted as many cavers think.

Waterfall Hole
Construction of a new parking area.

Eldon Hole
The ground anchors at the top of the East and West descent routes are to be replaced.
Next report April 2016

Oxlow Cavern
The Buttered Badgers PC clean up the cave removing rubbish and old digging equipment.

James Halls Over Engine Mine
Exploration and surveying in the Western Extension.

Ochre Brook (River Wye) Buxton
A sink hole has appeared in the river bed.

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