Descent 246 Peak News

Speedwell Cavern
The discovery of a short section of cave modified my miners near the Short Bypass in the Lower Bung Series.

Entrance Shaft update. The repairs are under way following the deformation and near collapse of the shaft earlier in 2015.
Previous report August 2015
Next report December 2015

Peak Cavern
The TSG have restarted work on the ascending dig in Morton's Chamber above Ink Sump.

Rowter Hole
The Buttered Badgers PC have returned Foster's Faith and are digging upstream.

Whalf Shaft
Stabilisation and repairs following a minor collapse.

Giant's Hole
The Steam Room - the story of a small discovery just feet from the entrance.

Mel Milner
Farewell to a Derbyshire caver.

Cover Photo
Andy Kempster prusiking up The Narrows, Nettle Pot by Mark Burkey.

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