· Eldon Hole - more on the belay stakes.
· Bagshawe Resurgence.
· Broken Finger Pot - update.

Eldon Hole - Belay Stakes
Report from: Ralph Johnson (Crewe Climbing & Potholing Club).
Report date: 03/07/1999.
Published: 03/07/1999.

Crewe C.P.C. have installed the new stainless belay stakes for the North Gully and they are now ready for use.

previuos report 06/1999
The new belay stakes at Eldon Hole.
Photo: Shaun Puckering 03/07/1999

Bagshawe Resurgence (The Lumb)
Report from: John Cordingley.
Report date: 03/07/1999.
Published: 03/07/1999.

Work has continued underwater in the Sump 2 dig. A two hour dive in good conditions (6m vis.) resulted in one huge boulder being removed. With this rock gone the dig should start making some forward progress.

Photos 08/1999

Broken Finger Pot (Yorkshire Dales)
Report from: Tim Allen.
Report date: 13/07/1999.
Published: 13/07/1999.
Last years find, Broken Finger Pot, in East Kingsdale (Yorkshire Dales) has now been completely detackled. A trip to the bottom of this tight East Kingsdale classic will now require some 5 to 7 hours of hard labour. Moving tackle and rigging / derigging the seven pitches will be rewarding entertainment for a dedicated team. If you think you've rigged them all try the 'Grab Attack' pitch for something new. The cave comes highly recommended by all who have visited it.

previous report 07/1998
Also see the Spring 1999 edition (No.83) of Caves & Caving which includes the full account of the breakthrough and exploration including photographs.
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