The aim of the Castleton Survex Project is to produce a complete intergrated 3D survey of all the caves in the Castleton catchment area, including surface contours, and other related features.

Survex is an open source cave-surveying software package, licensed under the GPL. It is designed to be portable and can be run on a variety of platforms, including Linux/Unix, Mac OS X, and Microsoft Windows. Survex is available for download at http://survex.com/

The project now has a very accurate (1m contoured) 3d map of the entire catchment area with purchased data from Bluesky Mapping with the survex data embedded in it. At the moment the underground data is only represented as a line survey.

The bad things about it for distribution purposes is that Survex can't be used as the end format for the overall project as it cannot cope with the amount of information associated with the terrain data (x,y,z coordinates for a 5m x 5m grid over an area of 7.5km x 4km).

Arc View is now being used as the GIS mapping software for the project which unfortunately cannot be downloaded free for all to see.

Instead, screen shots have been created as PDF files which allow people to see the survey. Example available for download below.

The proprietary nature of the Arcview software obviously restricts access to the overall model. Eventually a way will be found round this since there is no intention try to restrict access to the data, but for the present, at least work on producing an accurate survey model can continue.

If you have a particular need for access to the data, please contact Dave Nixon.

Credit is due to all those who have assisted the project, by surveying, radio locating and contributing their own data. In addition gratitude is due to the show caves and landowners for allowing ongoing access to normally restricted areas. Also, a special thanks to Gene Hammond who's help with GIS mapping and GPS fixing has been of immense value.

· Castleton Survex 3d File
· Titan Survex 3d File NEW
· Arc View PDF
· Credits (.ods spreadsheet)
· Archive file list
The screen shot below shows Survex, the image above is a section taken from the Arc View PDF.

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