January 2015
Titan Entrance Shaft Temporarily Closed (01/01)
Titan Entrance Shaft Update (04/01)

November 2014
Mine Shaft Collapse near Giants Hole (27/11)

September 2014
Oxlow Cavern Main Stream Inlet

January 2014
Access to Eldon Hill Quarry and Sidetrack Cave

December 2013
Massive Hole Appears Near Foolow

October 2013
Access to Eldon Hill Quarry and Sidetrack Cave

July 2013
The Castleton 3D Cave Survey Project

June 2013
Access to Eldon Hill Quarry and Sidetrack Cave

April 2013
The Castleton 3D Cave Survey Project
Speedwell Cavern: Backwater Aven Update

October 2012
Into Darkness: a film by Gavin Newman (15/10)
D.C.A.: Handbook Updates (15/10)

September 2012
J.H.: Bitch Pitch Collapse Update (15/09)

August 2012
J.H.: Bitch Pitch Collapse Update (19/08)
J.H.: Bitch Pitch Collapse Update (04/08)

July 2012
Rainfall: 206mm in 30 days (02/07)
Rainfall: 215mm in 30 days (06/07)
J.H.: Possible Collapse on Bitch Pitch

June 2012
Water Icicle Close Cavern: South Passage Breakthrough
Peak Round Up

November 2011
Speedwell Cavern: Backwater Update

September 2011
Speedwell Cavern: Backwater Aven Discovery
Speedwell Cavern: Backwater Update (17th)

July 2011
Clatterway Sough: Access

May 2011
Waterfall Hole: Access

March 2011
Water Icicle Close Cavern: Natural England Update

February 2011
Odin Mine: Collapse

January 2011
Internet: New Peak-Speedwell Web Site

October 2010
Water Icicle Close Cavern: Breakthrough

August 2010
Water Icicle Close Cavern: Access Arrangements
Eldon Hill Quarry: Total Access Ban

May 2010
Water Icicle Close Cavern: Temporary Gate

April 2010
Gautries Hole: Update & Survey
Giants Hole: Vandalism

February 2010
Peak Cavern: Far Sump digging project draws to a close
Slack Hole: Dig report

December 2009
Water Icicle Close Cavern: Breakthrough
Water Icicle Close Cavern: Update
Gautries Hole: Breakthrough
Gautries Hole: Update
Bottle Pot: Breakthrough

October 2009
J.H.: Bitch Pitch passable

September 2009
Bagshawe Cavern: Update

May 2009
Bagshawe Cavern: Update
Winnats Head Cave: Resin anchor installation

March 2009
Titan - Peak: Another call out
Jug Holes: Small rock fall

February 2009
JH: Top of Bitch Pitch collapsed

January 2009
Peak Cavern: Breakthrough in the Titan Streamway
Youds Level: Pollution

December 2008
Peak Cavern: Odd deposits in Ink Sump
Peak Cavern: Western Highway dig update

November 2008
Odin Mine: Surface subsidence
Flower Pot: Carlswark entrance reopened

October 2008
Bagshawe Resurgence: Connected to Bagshawe Cavern

August 2008
Bagshawe Cavern: Breakthrough

July 2008
Peak Cavern: Surprise View ladder removed

June 2008
Peak Cavern: Donatella's Aven Extension

May 2008
Air pollution in Long Rake Mine
Collapse at Bull Pit
Theft from Giant's
Birds in Mandale Sough

April 2008
Donatella's Aven (Peak Cavern)
Another flippin' Titan rescue...
Rowter Hole re-capped

March 2008
Bagshawe Cavern clean up
Carlswark Cavern collapse

January 2008
Democratic Dig

December 2007
Divers progress in Bagshawe Resurgence
Riverside Swallet Top Entrance
Knotlow Cavern pollution

November 2007
Pindale Cave: dig progress
White River Series: Deep Thought being pushed
Recent work in Darfar Crag Swallet

October 2007
Darfar Pot: Update
Speedwell Cavern: progress in the Downstream Sump
Titan / Far Sump / Peak Resurgence: deepest through trip?
T.S.G Hut gets a facelift

September 2007
Peak Cavern: Buxton Water Aven.
Surprise View Sump: Another Peak-Speedwell Connection?

August 2007
Carlswark Cavern: Gin Entrance update.

July 2007
Darfar Pot extension.
Carlswark Cavern: Loose section in Gin Entrance.

April 2007
J.H. and Rowter closed for lambing.

March 2007
Discovery on New Rake
Ink Sump / Doom's Retreat update
Hollandtwine Lost

February 2007
Peak Cavern: Deep Thought and the #42 dig.
P8 Rescue.

January 2007
Peak Cavern: Surprise View Sump passed
Peak Cavern: Surprise View Sump update

December 2006
Progress in Peak Cavern's Styx Inlet Sump
Peak Cavern: Styx Inlet Sump update
Slop Moll: restoration work
Peak Cavern: NCC Shafts update
Suicude Cave - caution

November 2006
Peak Cavern - White River Series
Titan on TV

October 2006
Far Sump project resumed in Peak Cavern
Far Sump update
Peak Cavern, Ink Sump and Doom's Retreat
BBC filming in Titan

July 2006
New passage in Far Sump Extension
Diving in Blue John Cavern
Dowse Hole clean up

June 2006
New passage in Far Sump Extension
Peak Cavern's Styx Inlet Sump: Update
Winnats Pass closed in July and August
Maintenance at Hillocks and Knotlow

April 2006
JH and Rowter Hole closed for lambing

March 2006
Peak Cavern's Styx Inlet Sump
Peak Cavern's Styx Inlet Sump: Update

February 2006
Rocky Tube in Peak Cavern connected to NCC Shafts
Further develpoments in the NCC Shafts
Peak Cavern's Halfway House Sump & Styx Inlet Sump

January 2006
Waterways Swallet update

November 2005
Peak Cavern - Far Sump / White Feather Aven
Peak Cavern - White Feather Aven updates
Peak Cavern - Halfway House Sump

October 2005
Knotlow Pollution

September 2005
Ben Bentham
Far Sump Extension - The Rasp Sump 3
Titan - movement in the choke

August 2005
Waterways Swallet - update
The White River Series - update
Mam Tor Swallet - collapsed

July 2005
New "Caves of The Peak District" guidebook in the pipeline
(it's a long pipe)

April 2005
New DCRO Rescue Vehicle

March 2005
Major collapse at Windy Knoll Cavern
Waterways Swallet - another breakthrough
Waterways Swallet - goes again
Waterways Swallet - goes yet again
Conservation in J.H.

February 2005
Waterways Swallet Breakthrough
Snow brings the Titan dig to a halt

December 2004
Rescue from J.H. / Speedwell

November 2004
Conservation work at Gautries Hole
Statement from SUSS

October 2004
The Rasp Upstream Sump #2 passed....

September 2004
The Rasp Upstream Sump revisited
Problems at Devonshire Mine
Knotlow & Hillocks pollution
Youd's Level polution
SUSS threatened with closure

August 2004
Peak Cavern access update
Thefts in the Monyash area

June 2004
Extension to Peak Season
Peak Cavern - Traverse of The Spods
Award for DCA's Cave Conservation Monitoring Scheme
Knotlow Pollution Records

April 2004
JH & Rowter closed for lambing
Knotlow pollution records
DCA Circular
Giant's Hole fixed aids
Carlswark Cavern fixed aids
Suicide Cave instability

March 2004
JH / Peak / Speedwell rescue

February 2004
Loose P hanger in Giant's
PL insurance required at more Derbyshire sites
Caves of The Peakdistrict guidebook

January 2004
Titan rescue
Titan closed
Winnat's Head Cave - ropes

December 2003
Bagshawe Cavern - The Glory Hole dived
Vehicle thefts - one arrest
Nettle Pot - pull-through
Kit storage - at Hitch n Hike

November 2003
Giant's Hole - access fees clarified
P7 - the dig continues

October 2003
Main Rising revisited - latest dive to -70m!
Derbyshire Cave Rescue Organisation - launch vehicle appeal

July 2003
P8 - thefts
Neptune Mine - collapse
Water Icicle - more reports of "bad air"

June 2003
Titan - Surface dig connects
Stoney Dale - thefts
Carlswark Cavern - vandalism

May 2003
Rowter & JH - reopen after lambing

April 2003
Rowter Hole - Hypothermia revisited - revisited
Rowter & JH - closed for lambing

March 2003
Odin Mine - Last pitch accessible again

February 2003
Peak Cavern - Moss Chamber clear up
Suspicious car? - beware

January 2003
Oxlow Cavern - stabilisation work complete

December 2002
Giant's Hole - access
DCA Report - CO2 & pollution
Knotlow Cavern - pollution update

November 2002
Sidetrack Cave - full report
Water Icicle Close Cavern - air testing

October 2002
Sidetrack Cave - Derbyshire's latest 0.5km discovery
Giant's Hole - Sold
Titan - update
Knotlow Cavern - air quality tested
Water Icicle - air quality tested

September 2002
Oxlow Cavern - Stabilisation work
Knotlow Cavern - More on pollution
Water Icicle - Another unrelated report of bad air

August 2002
Titan surface dig - Getting close
Knotlow & Hillocks - Pollution & CO2
Water Icicle - Report of bad air

July 2002
Far Sump Extension - The Flatmate
Far Sump Extension - Changes to rigging
Peak Cavern - Access dates
Peak Cavern - The Wind Tunnel

May 2002
JH & ROWTER HOLE - open again

April 2002
PEAK CAVERN - Caving season extended.
P8 - suspect belay on Idiot's Leap.
JH - Closed for lambing.
ROWTER HOLE - closed for lambing.
LONG RAKE - closed for lambing.

March 2002
TITAN - Update & latest photos from above the Event Horizon.
GIANT'S - eco-anchors replaced on Garland's Pot.
OXLOW CAVERN - Pilgrim's Way ladder dismantled.
OXLOW CAVERN - loose eco-anchors.
SUICIDE CAVE & OLD TOR MINE - eco-anchor installation.

February 2002
GIANT'S HOLE - loose P-bolt on Garland's.
GIANT'S HOLE - DCRO called out.
P7 - update.

December 2001

November 2001
OXLOW, MASKILL & NETTLE - Access restored.
OXLOW CAVERN - Fixed ladder removal.

September 2001
P7 BREAKTHROUGH - The Peak District latest find.
PEAK CAVERN - The Tour De Farce.

August 2001
DISSAPOINTMENT RIFT EXTENSION - exploration continues.
P8 - fixed ladder removed.
TITAN - The dig continues

July 2001
RESCUE - Suicide Cave.

June 2001
PEAK CAVERN - Victoria Aven breakthrough.
PEAK CAVERN - Far Sump Inlet.
FOOT & MOUTH - some access restrictions lifted.

March 2001
PEAK CAVERN - caving season extended.
FOOT & MOUTH - caving comes to a stop.

February 2001
DURHAM EDGE SWALLET - latest report

January 2001
DURHAM EDGE SWALLET - latest report
NOTTS II - (Yorkshire Dales) Request from CNCC
DCA - latest circular

December 2000
DURHAM EDGE SWALLET - digging continues
MINES EXPLORATION - arround tearsall
GIANT'S HOLE - P Anchors

November 2000
DURHAM EDGE SWALLET - the latest discovery....
PEAK CAVERN - progress in Far Sump Inlet

October 2000
CROCK POT - FULL REPORT on the recent discovery with photo's and survey.
GAPING GILL - has shrunk.....
OXLOW CAVERN - more on rigging changes.
RUBBLE RIFT - digging continues.

September 2000
OXLOW CAVERN - extra rope required.
TITAN SURFACE DIG - continues.

August 2000
CLIVE'S MINE - exploration.

July 2000
BAGSHAWE CAVERN - exploration update.
ROWTER HOLE - Hypothermia revisited.
NEW FIND IN DERBYSHIRE - but it's secret!.....
OXLOW CAVERN - report of unstable deads.
DEVONSHIRE CAVERN - possible danger.

June 2000
PEAK CAVERN - recent conservation work.
SIMPSON'S POT - Kingsdale (North Yorkshire) - collapse.

May 2000
ELDON HOLE - Lloyd's Shaft Dig.
BERTON PINGLES PIPE - full report.

April 2000
ELDON HOLE - entrance parimiter fence replaced.
P8 - rescue.
TITAN - surface dig update.
HILLOCKS WARNING - live 303 rounds found at the base of Whalf Shaft.

March 2000
KNOTLOW / HILLOCKS - Whalf Mine Engine Shaft is now open.
THEFTS - from cars.

February 2000
FARNSLEY LANE DIG - two small but promising breakthroughs
ELDON HOLE - Lloyd's Shaft Dig restarted
ELDON HOLE - new parimeter fence
RUBBLE RIFT - the Stoney Dale dig continues.
KNOTLOW / HILLOCKS - maintenance update.
CCPC & The Turks - request for training after the earthquake.

January 2000
PEAK CAVERN - The Tour De Farce climb continues
BERTON PINGLES PIPE - Breakthrough into a streamway
RUBBLE RIFT - The dig goes on in Stoney Dale....

December 1999
OXLOW CAVERN - more reports and clarification regarding instability
POOLE'S CAVERN - the dig progresses
DECEMBER - kicks off with near flood conditions

November 1999
PEAK CAVERN - TITAN - surface connection dig starts
POOLES CAVERN - significant progress in the choke dig
PEAK CAVERN - Tour de Farce
OXLOW CAVERN - Instability warning

October 1999
PEAK CAVERN - TITAN - surface connection dig.
PEAK CAVERN - Buxton Water Aven
LOTTERY GRANT - Crewe CPC score on The Lottery
WATERWAYS SWALLET - progress report
EXCHANGE VISIT - Orpheus CC host Pakistani visit.

September 1999
DOWALL DALE SIDE POT - Third dive pushes sump to 94m from base
STONEY DALE - Keyhole CC revisit some old sites.....
KNOTLOW HILLOCKS - Dangerous Polution - problems continue

August 1999
DOWALL DALE SIDE POT - Second dive in inlet sump
KNOTLOW HILLOCKS WARNING - Dangerous Polution - latest info
BAGSHAWE RESURGENCE - the Sump 2 dig continues....
STREAKS POT - the West Choke Dig - looking 'good'
BAGSHAWE CAVERN - possible link from Full Moon to the Hollywood Bowl?
WATERWAYS SWALLET - progress update
ELDON HOLE - new fence planned
DCRO - called to Blue John Cavern
CCPC - aid rescue work in Turkey after earthquake

July 1999
BROKEN FINGER POT - update from The Dales
ELDON HOLE - new belay stakes - installed and ready for use
BAGSHAWE RESURGENCE - the Sump 2 dig continues....

June 1999
PEAK CAVERN - Titan's climb completed and rigged with a 466ft free-hang
BAGSHAWE CAVERN - exploration on the lower level and errrr.. a rescue.....
HILLOCKS MINE - Whalf Shaft now open - report from CCPC
ELDON HOLE - new belay stakes - permission granted for installation
LOCATION X... - Boulder choke passed with open passage beyond?

May 1999
PEAK CAVERN - Titan tops out at 145m (475ft) - Britain's biggest shaft
KNOTLOW - further reports of polution & bad air
J.H. / ROWTER HOLE - access back to normal
ELDON HOLE - belay stakes

April 1999
BAGSHAWE CAVERN - The Great Aven Extension revisited
J.H. - Access restrictions (due to lambing)
ROWTER HOLE - Access restrictions (due to lambing)
ELDON HOLE - Belay stakes - offer of new ones
PEAK DISTRICT - Dye tracing - report & request from LRG

March 1999
PEAK CAVERN - THE CLIMB OF TITAN's Western Wall reaches 130m
MARLOW ROPES - sponsor the exploration of Titan in Peak Cavern
RAIN & FLOODING - March kicks off with some major underground flooding
KNOTLOW CAVERN - polution report from LRG

February 1999
PEAK CAVERN - THE CLIMB OF TITAN (with progress reports & photos)
PEAK CAVERN - Climbing in Stemple Highway - Far Sump Extension.
JUG HOLES - Unstable (email report from D.C.A.)

January 1999
PEAK CAVERN - MAJOR BREAKTHROUGH (with progress reports & photos)
PEAK CAVERN - Climbing in Stemple Highway - Far Sump Extension.
BAGSHAWE CAVERN - Exploration in the Moss Rake Series.
WATERFALL HOLE - Innominate Pot dig - with update.
ODIN MINE - Collapse at Final Pitch (report from D.C.A.).
DEVONSHIRE MINE - Access notes (report from D.C.A.).
OXLOW CAVERN - Hand-line removed (email).

November 1998
ELDON HOLE - Dangerous Belay Stakes.

October 1998
PEAK DISTRICT - Biggest flood since 1991.

September 1998
BAGSHAWE CAVERN - Breakthrough - 400m of new passage.
P8 - Rescue.

August 1998
BAGSHAWE CAVERN - some more ground gained in the Downstream Sump.

July 1998
BROKEN FINGER POT - Breakthrough in The Dales.

June 1998
PEAK CAVERN - The Rasp Upstream Sump passed in FSE.

In March 2015 Rob Eavis and myself became the Peak Area correspondents for Descent Magazine. Not wanting to broadcast or replicate news on-line prior to publication all reports submitted to Peak District Caving from March 2015 onwards will be selected and edited for inclusion in the magazine. A round up of what's in each issue is listed below. Descent Magazine is available from Wild Places Publishing.

Reports to: mail@peakdistrictcaving.info

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