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PEAK DISTRICT CAVING News - January 2000


The Tour de Farce continues on up, January 2000:

Nigel Ball and Dave Shearsmith returned to their climb in the Tour De Farce, an obscure aven close to Victoria Aven at the end of the original show cave. Another session of bolting has reached a point estimated to be 35m from the floor in a shaft approximatly 1.5m in diameter. The way on up continues open but goes out of sight round a coner. A return is planned.

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30m of new passage in Bradwell, January 2000:

Report from Anthony Revell

- Having dug through a choke 30m of streamway was entered leading to another blockage. A full report will follow....

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The Stoney Dale dig goes on..... January 2000:

Report from Andy Foster

- Several visits were made to this cave by members of Keyhole Caving Club over the Christmas period. The pot leading down to the lowest silted phreatic tube had angle iron and wooden boards installed to divide it into two sections, one to allow access and the other to be used for backfilling. A large rock restricting access to the tube was also removed. The tube itself could now be dug with ease, except for the fact that it has filled with water to within a few inches of the roof, so progress in this area will have to wait until the Summer. In the meantime another phreatic tube near the top of the pot will be looked at again....

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