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New parimiter fence, April 2000:

Report from CCPC -

Eldon is now fenced. (Funded by Peak District National Park and DCA) Hopefully DCRO will not have to do any more rescues at this site. At present the old rickety gate is in use (CCPC are looking into it's replacemrnt). Please don't climb the fence even when doing North Gully, East Wall or West Wall.

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Rescue, April 2000:

On Thursday the 30th March a caver descended the cave but became exhausted on the return and was unable to climb back up the first pitch. DCRO were called and assisted by the Fire Service, they help the man from the cave. Hauling was required on the First Pitch and Idiot's Leap.


Surface connection dig update, April 2000:

Work at the Titan surface dig on Hurdlow has continued over the winter months with a lot of progress. At 7m the pit was at the limit of mechanical equipment and work has started on the next stage. The latest development has been the instalation of some concrete rings in the bottom of the pit excavated with the JCB. A concrete base was set and the first ring was placed on top of this. The spoil from the continuing excavation will be fill up the area around the ring untill level, when another ring will be added. This process will continue until level with the surface of Hurdlow. This will return the imediate area to it's original state leaving a small lidded entrance shaft. The current depth of the dig is 9m.

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Warning! live 303 rounds found at the base of Whalf Shaft, April 2000:

At the weekend a badly corroded live 303 round was found at the foot of the newly opened Whalf Engine shaft. CCPC propose using a metal detector to investigate for others. In the meantime take care.......