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PEAK DISTRICT CAVING News - October 2000


October 2000:

SK 1984 7705 Alt 273m

Report from Dave Webb -

CROCK POT (or 'Pot of the Crocks') Waterfall Swallet: Eyam, Derbyshire.

Masson Caving Group s New discovery in Waterfall Swallet



Renewed interest in the 370m inlet, October 2000:

John Cordingley has renewed his interest in Far Sump with the intention of pushing the 370m inlet. The inlet is located 370m from the downstream (Peak Cavern) end of Far Sump. Although investigated before, the low silty continuation of the inlet may yeald some more passage. Until now, this site has always been... well not ignored, but put to one side, as there have always been far greater priorities in Far Sump Extension. It may be possible, with the use of silt pegs (for line belaying), to push further up the passage.

It's a long time since anyone has dived Far Sump as, for most purposes, it has been bypassed by the dry Speedwell / JH / Stemple Highway connection. Although the inlet is just 15m from the far end of Far Sump and is easily accessible from there it's logistically and politically easier to dive it from the Peak Cavern side, even though it involves an extra 365m of diving.

Two dives have been made so far, with the first coming to an abrupt halt in Brown's Chamber (only 20m into Far Sump) as the sump was blocked! The silt blockage was dug for 45 minutes before the diver gave up. On the second dive the digging continued and the restriction was passed after half an hour. There was enough gas left to swim up to the other known restriction at 240m which looked to be OK.

Another dive is planned for the near future (weather permitting!)

Update 22nd October - Report from John Cordingley:

I managed to make some progress at the left hand branch near the upstream end. Had to dig it open as it had gravelled up since the last dive 12 years previously. My limit then turned out to have been 15m into the inlet (when measured with a tagged line). After passing a shingly shuffle which had stopped me last time I was able to lay a further 21m of line before running out of silt screws & drop weights.

This passage is currently 36m long and the present end is 406m from Far Sump dive base. Depth at end is only 3m and the continuation is rising as far as the limit of visibility (about 10m). The most interesting thing is the strong current - accounting for about 90% of what was emerging from the downstream end of Far Sump. There is a lot more water here than in the nearby Titan - I don't know where it's coming from (Cavedale?) but it's certainly worth pursuing.

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October 2000:

Report from The Dales -

The reported depth of GG has varied over the years depending on the source of the information, but recently, during a winch meet it was accuratly measured..... at 98.1m.


October 2000:

Report from Ralph Johnson -

Further to the September report an extra 30m rope is required for the slope leading from P3 to P4. The bottom section of handline (a bit tatty anyway) has gone missing

(not for the first time... ed.).

Anyone wishing to rig the whole slope should take a 55m rope.

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October 2000:

Report from Pete Dell, Keyhole Caving Club -

We have given up with the bottom Level for the time being as it's horrible. We're now concentrating on the phreatic tube above, now dug out for about 15ft heading South (ish) into the hillside and starting to go up. The digging continues....

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