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Foot & Mouth Disease

, March 2001:

Caving and cave exploration has come to a standstill so there won't be much to report for a while as most projects, including the Titan surface dig, have been put on hold. Peak Cavern is still accessible for booked parties and as far as we are aware there are no restrictions on access to Carlswark Cavern. For led parties, Bagshawe Cavern can also be booked.

There were some optimist's about who thought the outbreak would be contained within a couple of weeks and that everything would be back to normal by Easter. Some fat chance. Everyone's concerned about the farmers and the threat to their livelihood, and yes, it is a threat to them, but it's more than a threat to many other businesses, some of which have already been shut down. Many people are already out of work having been laid off. 80% of the park's economy is dependent on tourism and visitors and with the land closures no one's coming to the park. The sooner it's over the better....

Peak Cavern:

Caving season extended, March 2001:

Yesterday (18-3-01) it was confirmed that, due to most caving being stopped by FMD, the management of Peak Cavern Ltd will allow trips to continue after Easter. Normally there is no caving access from Easter until early October. Clubs can book trips by sending one or two alternative Sunday dates to John Beck in exactly the same way as normal. So all is not lost!

Report - John Cordingley

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