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, July 2001:

Report from Tim Allen:

On 15th July Tim Allen and Pete O'Neill (Northern Cave Club) broke through a dig in Disappointment Rift, Peak Cavern after only six hours of hard mud moving work. The breakthrough gained 20ft of passage to a balcony overlooking a large shaft system going both up and down with one of those "must go" echoes.

The following Saturday (21st July) the team returned with rope and bolting gear and Robbie Shone of the TSG. Mention must be made here of the access to the breakthrough site up the notorious M1 passage. This is a tight crawl, liberally coated in liquid mud, and with several "S" and "W" bends, and if that isn't enough the tightest squeeze is at the very end where the M1 pops out into Disappointment Rift. From the balcony five clean pitches were dropped in a large vein cavity descending about 40m in depth which must be back down to Peak base level. At the bottom of the final pitch the way was totally blocked by mud and boulders.

The next day the same team carried drill and bolting gear in to attempt the pitches upwards. Approximately 30m was climbed up one side of the shaft and a large tunnel entered. Unfortunately this choked after only 20m but is thought to line up with the end of the Kingdom in White River Series. On the other side of the shaft a large open passage awaits the next trip. Back at the balcony area there are three undescended shafts which may link in to the Galena circuit and provide easier access. Lots to go for. In the mean time whilst exploration continues we would very much appreciate it if folk stayed away and definitely no grabbers!!! I'll keep the Hitch 'n' Hike web site posted as events unfold.......

Tim Allen 25/07/2001

Next related report 08/2001


from P8 and Oxlow, July 2001:

Report from Ralph Johnson -

There is a distinct possibility that the ladders will shortly be removed from P8's second pitch and the climb up into Pilgrim's Way in Oxlow as CCPC are no longer prepared to accept responsibilty for them and no one else wishes to adopt them.


, July 2001:

A caver fell 20ft in Suicide Cave, Winnat's Pass suffering suspected back injuries. A combined team from Derbyshire Cave Rescue and Mountain Rescue strechered the casualty the short distance out of the cave to waiting paramedics.