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, August 2001:

Report from Tim Allen:

On saturday 4th August Tim Allen and Pete O'Neill returned to the new find off Disappointment Rift, Peak Cavern. This time we were accompanied by M1 virgins, Dave (Moose) Nixon, Glyn Roberts and Wayne Sheldon. The large passage at the top of the shaft series was bolted into by Pete, but instead of the kilometres of passages dreamt about, the whole lot choked out after only 20ft. Bummer. A dig was started at the opposite side of the shaft, which heads towards the Kingdom and although little progress on this was made on this occasion, a return is planned.

The survey was continued by Moose and Wayne and while they headed back to tie in with the M1, Tim, Pete and Glyn dropped the undescended pitch near the breakthrough. This led down two short drops to a descending rift which leveled out just before an easy dig. This involved removing one rock only and encouraged by the draught Tim slipped through. Immediately signs of previous explorers were noticed and within a few feet we popped out into Galina Rift (EMT Aven?). A place Glyn recognised straight away as he had climbed up it in the first place. How embarrassing, missing that. Of course we were far too gentlemanly to mention it - much!

However it now gave us a much easier route out of the cave and we just managed to shout Moose and Wayne back before they got to the M1, a prospect that neither of them was looking forward too. Wayne muttered something about there being a god after all and we all skipped out of the cave a very happy team of cavers. The prospect of a collectors round trip now exists between the M1 and Galina Rift.

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Fixed ladder removed, 8th August 2001:

The fixed ladder in P8 was removed on Tuesday 7th of August by Crewe Climbing & Potholeing Club. The ladder was in the cave for many years, providing an easy descent of the Upper Series Pitch and bypassing the true Second Pitch. The reason for its removal is one of liability and the club not wishing to be

or feel

responsible for it. At a later date, the Pilgrim's Way fixed ladder in Oxlow Cavern will suffer the same fate, which is to be replaced by a pull-through.

If someone replaces the ladder, stay anonymous, thus avoiding politics.... ed.


, August 2001:

Robbie Shone, Matt Ryan, Tim Horne & Kev Hoy returned to push the passage at the top of the aven beyond the Assault Course. 30m of new passage was pushed before a miserable dig halted progress. A radio location was carried out with Ron Hammond on surface pin-pointing the position of this limit of the cave, now close to the rim of Winnat's Pass.


The surface dig continues, August 2001:

Summer and the lifting of Foot and Mouth access restrictions has allowed the Titan surface dig to proceed. The dig is going well and is now down to 28.3m depth with an estimated 11.7m to go.

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, August 2001:

Report from Tim Webber (S.U.S.S.) -

if you're thinking of going down Odin Mine, be prepared to climb out of the entrance pitch. We had our rope stolen from the entrance today.

(4th August - ed.)

Having just prussiked up 80m the last thing we needed was to have to stand on each others shoulders to get out. We'd tied the rope at the top to the Pbolt at the top of the rift, then round the tree and then the Pbolt that is almost in the cave. To prevent anyone pulling the rope up we tied it to the handy Pbolt at the bottom. Amazingly someone climbed down, untied it, climbed out and walked off with 18m of rope and two maillons.

Tim W - SUSS