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PEAK DISTRICT CAVING News - February 2002


, February 2002:

One of the eco-anchors at the top of Garlands Pot is loose, described as "the center on of the right-hand three ( O O     O X O ). DCA have had a look at it and it failed some / all of tests 3,4 and 5. All the other bolts on Garland's were inspected and found to be OK.

Given that this is such a popular anchor and frequently seen used [suicidally] as a sole anchor point, a note has been attached to the bolt warning against relying on it.

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DCRO called to aid caver

, February 2002.

On Saturday the 2nd DCRO were called to assist a caver who was exhausted and unable to ascend Garlands Pot. Several DCRO members helped him to the surface. The original call was made at around 9.30pm and everything was wrapped up by midnight.


report from the

Derbyshire Caving Association

, February 2002:

Currently DCA has installed permanent Eco-anchors in 21 sites:

> Carleswark Cavern

> Devonshire Mine

> Eldon Hole

> Giants Hole

> Hillocks Mine

> James Hall Over Engine Mine

> Knotlow Mine

> Lathkill Head Upper Entrance

> Layby Pot

> Long Rake Mine (Bradwell Moor)

> Maskhill Mine

> Merlins Mine

> Nettle Pot

> Odin Mine

> Oxlow Cavern

> P 8

> Peak/Speedwell (Block Hall)

> Robins Shaft Mine

> Rowter Hole

> Suicide Cave

> Whalf Mine

Details of the siting of the Eco-anchors may be found in the Rigging Guides or Rigging cards published by

Crewe C.P.C.

DCA has also installed a "pull thro" system using Eco-anchors on the climb up to the Far Flats in Nettle Pot. (This allows cavers to rig their own SRT rope for the climb and then retrieve it afterwards.)

When the bolts in Odin Mine were checked recently a number of fixed handlines were found attached to the P-hangers. These were not installed by DCA and DCA takes no responsibility for them.

Please note that the DCA does NOT install permanent rope handlines or fixed ropes for SRT in caves or mines in the region. Any such ropes in place, even if they are attached to DCA-installed Eco-anchors, have not been placed by DCA and are not subject to inspection by DCA.


February 2002:

Digging has started again in P7. The increased amount of water flowing into the cave over the winter hasn't had any detramental effect on any previous work. The current plan is to follow the draught....

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