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Peak District Caving News May 2002

Access Restored to J.H. and Rowter Hole

Report From
Report Date05/2002.

Access to Rowter Hole and JH has been reinstated after April's lambing. As before booking is required for JH, contact Dave Nixon, 3 Rose Cottages, Litton, Nr Buxton, SK17 8QY. Email

For Rowter Hole booking isn't needed, just call at Rowter Farm first. Don't visit the mine or go on to the land without permission. Small fee charged.

Nikergrove Mine Air Quality Checked

Report FromIain Barker.
Report Date05/2002.

Following the report made to the DCA about bad air at this site in March, Iain Barker and Bog Bergman were dispatched to investigate and found nothing out of the ordinary, Possibly some of the rotting digging gear which has been abandoned over the years may occasionally whiff a bit, but generally the mine is clear.

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The Owner of Peakshill Farm Dies

Report FromRalph Johnson.
Report Date05/2002.

Tom Watson, the owner for many years of Giant's Hole, died on Tuesday 7th. Giant's however, is still open to cavers. Following Tom's death Betty Watson is going to be busy, particularly during this lambing season, so if she is not at the farm when calling to pay please put the usual fee ( 2 per head) in the pot by the door.