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Peak District Caving News April 2003

Rowter Hole and J.H. Access

Report FromEd.
Report Date04/2003.

Rowter Farm have closed access to Rowter Hole and JH due to lambing. Access should be restored on the 1st of May.

Rowter Hole's Hypothermia Crawl

Report FromSam Townsend.
Report Date04/2003.

Taking advantage of low water contitions Jon Taylor and Sam Townsend have begun work again on the choke at the end of Hypothermia crawl. Working in a steady trickle of water, progress has been made up into the choke which is best described as 'interesting'. Due to the cold nature (hence the name) of the place then anybody visiting should be full kitted up in neoprene. A bivvy was set up with brew kit and carbide lamps for warmth so an exteded session could be held. An attempt to survey the passage was made on Saturday 29th March but was abandoned after one member of the party - who shall remain nameless - decided the 200ft (ish) entrance crawl wasnt for him on account of the holes in his tatty wetsuit and lack of a balaclava. Work has had to halt for lambing season now but will continue in May water levels permitting.

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