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Peak District Caving News June 2003

Titan Connected to the Surface

Report FromEd.
Report Date06/2006.

On Sunday the 25th May the Titan Surface Shaft was finally connected to the top of Titan. This massive digging project was started over three and a half years ago, on Sunday 31st October 1999.

Dave Nixon at the connection between the surface dig and Titan.

Photo: Robbie Shone 2003

The upper section of Titan as seen from the 130m side passage, 130m from the floor.

Photo: Robbie Shone 2003

Thefts in Stoney Dale

Report FromAnon.
Report Date06/2003.

On 11/05/03 some kit was removed from inside the Resurgance entrance to Carlswark Cavern. Be aware that you may be being watched. The group involved were only in the cave for about 10 minutes, when they came back out... no gear.

Vandalism in Carlswark Cavern

Report FromRalph Johnson.
Report Date06/2003.

Sadly I have to report an incredible amount of damage in Eyam Passage. Quite a large section of the calcite floor has been damaged and parts removed. There are peices the size of dinner plates scattered around the area. This is NOT accidental damage - the culprits must have gone in equiped with the necessary tools. It would appear that this vandalism has occured within the last few days.