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Peak District Caving News July 2003

Thefts From Cars at Perryfoot

Report FromPaul Lydon.
Report Date18/07/2003.

Theft from car parked in P8 Layby, Friday, 18th July between 2pm and 4pm. Jez Parr from Edale is again the unlucky victim of thieves. They smashed a lock to get into the car, slashed two tyres and got away with the only wallet which had been left in the boot. A local farmer saw a blue van stop briefly. The stolen cards from the wallet were used in a Safeway store to buy 150 worth of goods before the cavers were even out of the cave to discover the theft. Please be warned that thieves know all the usual spots where cavers park and are known to hang about watching for the chance to move in. If they think there is anything of worth left behind, you won't keep them out of your vehicle and they will do damage getting in. The best defence is to leave someone on guard in your car, preferably with a mobile and a notebook to take down suspicious vehicle numbers.

Neptune Mine Entrance Collapse

Report FromRalph Johnson / the DCA.
Report Date07/2003.

The entrance to Neptune Mine (shored up with blue plastic barrels) has collapsed. No further information.

Bad Air Reported in Water Icicle Close Cavern

Report FromD.C.A.
Report Date07/2003.

A visiting caver reported on 8th. June that there was CO2 present in the lower reaches of Water Icicle Mine. "A very noticeable layer between 'good' and 'bad' air almost immediately the shaft meets the cave passage, especially on the way out. Seems weird for the prusiking to get easier the further up you go!" This is despite the new grille shaft top, which is very disappointing. The various shafts which seem most liable to this problem have all been fitted with shaft top grilles instead of solid lids and all should now have a notice just inside the entrance advising you of symptoms you may experience if there is excess CO2 so that you know to exit the mine quickly. Please, if you encounter this problem in a new site or if the advisory notice is not there, contact the DCA Conservation & Access Team


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