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Peak District Caving News November 2003

The P7 Dig

Report FromTim Hallam.
Report Date11/2003.

The TSG's P7 dig is going slowly but steadily. Rick Westwood has constructed a dam at the base of "100 Pound Pot" to hopefully divert water away from flowing into the dig. The dig itself is a 1.5m wide by 0.45m high bedding sloping down at about 30' to a silt choke. However all the passages seem to converge here and the floor will need to be dropped before any forward progress can be made.

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Giant's Hole Access Fee

Report FromJenny Potts DCA.
Report Date08/11/2003.

The landowner at Giants Hole has now set up a slightly different system for collecting money from cavers crossing his land. Basically, he would like cavers to put their money in an envelope, write on it the car number(s) and put it through his door. If you prefer you can pay by cheque, payable to "Peakshill Farm". It's all explained in the nice new notice at the parking spot and there is a stack of envelopes for your use. (Or you might like to organise your own envelope in advance.) Fee stays at 2 per head. Please note that there are no longer any changing facilities at the farm.