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Peak District Caving News December 2004

Rescue from JH / Speedwell

Report FromEd.
Report Date04/12/2004.

On Saturday 4th December a male caver fell 6m at the bottom of Bitch Pitch having abseiled off the end of a rope that was too short. He remained conscious but had sustained injuries to his shoulder and had back pain. DCRO's Paramedic arrived on scene quickly, closely followed by the first team of rescuers. Due to the possibility of a back injury and the need for a stretcher evacuation the chosen route was via J.H.'s 80m Leviathan shaft and Speedwell Cavern. Although this involved a major lowering operation it was easier and safer for the casualty than negotiating the various obstacles on Bitch Pitch and along The Cartgate. The surface was reached approximately 10 hours after the fall. Despite his injuries the casualty remained relatively 'comfortable' throughout the entire operation.

The Workshop in J.H. A natural chamber modified by mining at the foot of Bitch Pitch, 100m below the surface. This point signifies the start of the 'natural cave' half way down the J.H. complex. Photo: Paul Deakin 1994


The top of Leviathan in J.H. This point is 110m below the entrance.

Photo: Paul Deakin 1994


The ledge 30m above the floor of Leviathan in J.H.

Photo: Paul Deakin 1994



Monday 6th December 2004:

The casualty was kept in hospital overnight and although had a damaged shoulder and some minor injuries he had not suffered any serious damage to his back. He was discharged from hospital the following day. Pride perhaps taking more of a bashing than his body, which is the best way round!