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Peak District Caving News February 2005

Waterways Swallet Breakthrough

Report FromAndy Foster (Keyhole Caving Club).
Report Date02/2005.

Waterways Swallet has finally yielded some new passage. The extension consists of a short but impressive length of stream canyon, terminating in a boulder choke. This, along with several inlets, are currently being pushed. The non-dug extension is approx 50m long, but gains about 25m of depth in this distance, including several climbs and a very nice ladder pitch.

Digging over many years has been mainly by members of Keyhole Caving Club, more recently joined by several local cavers, notably from Eldon Pothole Club.

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Titan Lost Under the Snow

Report FromEd.
Report Date27/02/2005.

North-easterly winds at the back end of February brought snow, more than the Peak District has seen for a decade. Digging at Titan was curtailed, partly due to the entrance being full of snow but mainly, due to the digging team preferring to arse about in the drifts than go underground.

Dave Nixon looking for the entrance to Titan.

Photo: Robbie Shone, 27/02/2005


Kev Drakeley, Dave Nixon and Robbie Shone, Titan Entrance.

Photo: Rob Eavis, 27/02/2005