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Peak District Caving News October 2005

Knotlow Cavern Pollution

Report FromDave Webb (DCA Conservation Officer).
Report Date10/2005.

Knotlow Pollution "Logger": Following continuing and disturbing reports of pollution events and bad air in Knotlow Caverns, the Environment Agency has agreed to support our efforts to gain more precise information of these events by installing a water quality meter (known as a "Logger") in the stream-bed of the Coffin Level at the bottom of "Fourways Shaft". This will remain in situ for as long as it takes to obtain a satisfactory set of results and will be regularly checked for readings; meanwhile I would ask that you avoid disturbing the meter or the "static" water in the immediate vicinity as far as possible.

Knotlow Pollution Log Book Entries: Much of the momentum for this action has resulted from your detailed reports recovered periodically from the DCA Log Book placed at the bottom of Knotlow Climbing Shaft. The value of these entries cannot be overstated and since installation of the meter will become even more relevant. Please continue to record water and air conditions experienced during your visit, adverse or otherwise. The damaged hazard notices on the shaft lids have been replaced and the National Trust has installed a weather station at a nearby farm. We are doing all we can and hopefully this latest "push" will have the desired effect of eliminating this long-standing problem.

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