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Peak District Caving News March 2006

Progress in Peak Cavern's Styx Inlet Sump

Report FromJohn Cordingley.
Report Date03/2006.

A return was made to the Halfway House Sump on 18th March but the continuation beyond the larger rift is too small to follow. The nearby Styx Inlet Sump is looking much more hopeful however. The low silty section was finally passed and a much larger continuation was explored until the line ran out at 22.5 m. There is a 1 metre high cross rift airbell here and the passage continues wide open. The long low dug out area was awkward on the return in zero vis and needs more line adjustments but the crystal clear continuation has no obstacle in sight and is heading south east.

Update 26th March: This site has been push further over the weekend. A larger and more pleasant passage was followed for 15 metres then the route continued into another low section. A few metres beyond the bad vis rolled ahead of the diver whilst fixing a silt screw belay. It may be necessary to do a little more digging at the current limit of exploration, which is some 42 metres from base and at 2 metres depth. This is clearly a significant passage and an important part of the overall Peak hydrology. It's still heading south east towards Dirtlow.

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