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Peak District Caving News October 2006

Peak Cavern's Far Sump Project Resumed

Report FromJohn Cordingley.
Report Date10/2006.

The main feeder into Far Sump (a submerged inlet passage on the left near the upstream end) produces huge amounts of water in wet conditions. It was explored 6 years ago to a point 420 metres from the downstream dive base but needs just the right water conditions to dig the gravel choke at the present end. The rain in the first half of October has raised water levels in Peak Cavern sufficiently to resume efforts here. Some work on the gravel choke has already been done and it is hoped that a dye test in the near future will reveal where water from the Titan streamway does (and more impoprtantly doesn't) reappear in this area. Members of SUSS are providing valuable help with this work. The main Peak Cavern stream is emerging from this passage, and there is a lot of remaining potential beneath the upper end of Cavedale.


The water from the Titan streamway has now been successfully shown to flow to the waterfall at the upstream end of Far Sump. It does not go to the main feeder in Far Sump, so the submerged dig there is now a higher priority. The gravel choke at the present limit is very close to the Titan vein / fracture, so although it's a difficult venture to pursue, it's well worth the effort. A number of cavers have been extremely helpful with this particular project to date, in particular Wayne Sheldon, Ann Soulsby, Rob Eavis, Katie Dent, Brian Griffiths, Jenny Drake, Ann Soulsby, Jim Lister, Richard Tooley and George Taylor. You have my grateful thanks. J.N.C.

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Peak Cavern's Ink Sump and Doom's Retreat

Report FromJim Lister.
Report Date10/2006.

Jim Lister and team are continuing with the work in and beyond Peak Cavern's 200m long Ink Sump. The focus of this effort is the choke in Doom's Retreat. This is probably associated with Dirtlow Rake, a large mineralised fault system, and holds potential for new passage. Ink Sump was once a pleasure to dive but opencast mineral extraction on Dirtlow has resulted in the sump being filled with a fine coating of silt resulting in abismal visability, which combined with a number of obsticals in the sump makes for some unpleasant and difficult diving. As a result the team temporarily turned is focus away from the goal to completely reline the sump. This has been done with a new thick 10mm line and rock anchor belays. The result a taught line taking the optimum route. The current task is to secure a big 'mobile' boulder part way through and break up another between the 172m air bell and the far end. One all this is done a concerted effort can begin on the terminal choke.

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Titan on TV

Report FromEd.
Report Date10/2006.

This month award winning cameraman Rob Franklin will be filming in Titan for BBC's 'Inside Out'. This team filmed Sidetrack Cave for the same programme in 2003 with excellent results so this forthcoming feature should be worth seeing. The programme is due to be screened on Monday 6th November.


BBC Inside Out

in Sidetrack Cave.

Looking down from the top of Titan, with Dave Nixon on the rope. The black hole at the bottom is The Event Horizon, which is only half way down!

Photo: Robbie Shone 02/01/2005