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Peak District Caving News February 2007

Peak Cavern White River Series

The Deep Thought (No.42) Dig.

Report FromRob Eavis.
Report Date02/2007.

Rob Eavis and Jeff Wade returned to the #42 dig at the end of Deep Thought in The White River Series and got through the upper level calcite blockage into a short but very tight chicane around a stal boss. This entered a 4m long calcite grotto sloping upward at about 30' with no way on. Another trip is planned to push the lower crawl discovered by Dave Nixon and Shaun Puckering on the 16th June 2006.

previous related report 11/2006

P8 (Jackpot) Rescue

Report FromTim Webber DCRO.
Report Date02/2007.

On the 18th Feb 2007 a gentleman was taken ill below the second pitch of P8 and was unable to ascend by himself. A callout was initiated at about 3pm and a paramedic was underground by about 16:30. After some treatment underground, it was decided the casualty would be placed in a stretcher, in which he was evacuated to above the first pitch. He then managed to make an assisted walking exit and everyone was out of the cave by about 22:15.

At the same time there was an unrelated car accident at Sparrowpit which resulted in the road being shut for a while.

DCRO members arrive on scene.

Photo: Tim Webber 18/02/2007

Rowter Farm Access Fee Increased

Report FromAnn Soulsby.
Report Date27/02/2007.

The access fee for caves on Rowter Farm land has increased to 2.00 per caver with immediated effect. The caves effected by this are Rowter Hole and J.H. (James Hall's Over Engine Mine).