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Peak District Caving News July 2007

Darfar Pot Extended

Report FromMartin Milner, Darfar P.C.
Report Date13/07/2007.

In the process of surveying some of the previously unsurveyed parts of Darfar Pot, (like the top entrance series which was connected to the main cave by Darfar P.C. members in 1996), Martin Milner discovered 2 new passages leading off from the top of the 3rd (top entrance) pitch. One small one descending towards Prospect Chamber, the other much bigger and heading in the direction of Water Chamber and the river. (South.) On 22nd April, a large rock was levered out of the way to reveal a 2m drop to a boulder blockage.

On 29th April, Martin and Pete Ray, (working from above and below), removed the boulder blockage and established a bypass to the 3rd pitch. During this process, Martin noticed an enlargement beyond a narrow rift, semi-blocked with boulders and heading back towards the river. Pete soon dug his way into this to find Glazebrooke Junction with several ways off, one linking with Prospect Chamber and another to the top of a new 6m (20ft) pitch, (named Surprise Pot for obvious reasons), into a 10m (30ft) stretch of streamway, up to 6m (20ft) high and 2m (6ft) wide running underneath the floor where they had been sitting! (One of the biggest passages in the cave!)

Further visits over the next few weeks, (unfortunately hampered by wet weather), extended the new streamway, which was named Prospect Streamway as it seemed to have good prospects for extension, by several metres both downstream towards Prospect Chamber, etc. and upstream underneath Moonmilk Pot towards the nearby Riverside Swallet. (The latter cave is only about 3m (10ft) away now.)

After surveying, the length of the new extension so far was found to be 53m. (An article and survey of the new extension should be appearing in the next Descent magazine.) Needless to say, more work was planned for the following weeks, especially to continue the survey of the rest of the cave. However, the rubbish weather since around mid-June has so far ruined any plans for doing so.

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Carlswark Cavern: Loose section in Gin Entrance

Report FromPete Knight, Edale YHA.
Report Date

On 18 July the large rock on the top of the lower step into the Carlswark Gin Entrance was seen to have fallen off. Over the previous week or so a large hole had developed behind it due to the amount of rain we ve had. I imagine the passage of many groups loosened it to the point where it detached itself. Temporary shoring up was done at the time, but the step remains in an unstable state with smaller blocks likely to fall off as well. DCA + PICA have been notified and the problem will no doubt get sorted.

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