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Darfar Pot: Update

Report FromMartin Milner, Darfar P.C.
Report Date09/10/2007.

On 7/10/2007, after several visits (between floods) by Eddie Potter, Martin Milner and Pete Ray to enlarge a squeeze at the top of a new pitch in Lower Prospect Chamber the three, (accompanied by Ian Morley), returned to Darfar Pot and Ed and Ian (our 'ferret' heroes) descended the new, (unfortunately tighter than hoped for), pitch for 7m before it became too awkward to use the ladder. (The pitch continued down, so a return with rope and jammers might be more productive.) The water from further upstream in Prospect Streamway was encountered about 4m down and had at this point become a noisy waterfall only about 1m from the ladder. Lower water conditions are now required for further progress in this area.

Meanwhile, Martin had made 2m of progress in Prospect Streamway and on the way out Ian pushed another side passage off Glazebrooke Junction for 3m before it got too tight. Altogether, 14m of new passage was explored.

The new pitch (under Lower Prospect Chamber) was called Barn Pot for reasons known only to ourselves... (Not because it had a barn in it, or was as big as a barn! (We wish.)

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Speedwell Cavern, Downstream Sump

Report FromJohn Cordingley.
Report Date10/10/2007.

A little bit of progress was made in this sump on 5th October. No-one seems to have had a go at it since Andy Goddard's last dive 18 years ago, probably because good diving conditions rarely exist. He thought he'd passed beneath Speedwell Pot but then lost the way on. On recent dives AG's old line was sorted out and a short section of new line was laid into a low but very wide bedding, where progress was stopped by lack of dropweights. The end of the line is currently 155 m from base. It may be that the passage has become smaller because some development has been lost up Speedwell Pot. The sump is worth pursuing though because other water is known to enter between here and the risings in the Peak cavern gorge (e.g. from Blue John Cavern).

TSG hut frontage gets a facelift.

Report FromJim Lister, T.S.G.
Report Date04/10/2007.

Renovation of the the TSG's Chapel Works hut frontage has been completed. Top job.

The T.S.G. Club Hut, Castleton.

Photo: Jim Lister 04/09/2007

Titan - Far Sump - Peak Cavern Through Trip

Report FromJim Lister, C.D.G. / T.S.G.
Report Date30/09/2007.

Divers: Mark Smith, Jim Lister.

Support: Henry Rockcliff, Katie Froude, Jane Rigley, from SUSS, Ann Soulsby, Dave Ottewell, and Prof. And many thanks to Dave Nixon, Rob Eavis, Katie Dent and the Titan digging team.

The team descended Titan, and transported the cylinders and other diving equipment through to Far sump, which at 400 metres is the longest known sump in Derbyshire, the divers made there way through the sump whilst the support team made there way out.

On surfacing at the other side of the sump the divers made there way down the main stream way fully kitted, Buxton water sump was then dived, halfway through the sump one of Jim s demand valves failed, but he was able isolated the cylinder and fixed the valve in an air bell, the rest of the sump was dived with out incident.

After a short walk through the show cave, the 3rd and final sump was reached, the divers were pleasantly surprised when diving out by the crystal clear visibility and the light beams shining in through the entrance, both Mark and Jim surfaced at the same time to be meet buy the rest of the team.

This may be the deepest through trip in the country but this needs to be verified.

The T.S.G. Club Hut, Castleton.

Photo: Jim Lister collection 30/09/2007