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Peak District Caving News November 2007


Report FromDan Sulivan.
Report Date30/10/2007.

Obvious cave entrance at the top end of Pindale Quarry, North of Black Rabbit Cave. A crawl passage aligned on a small calcite vein runs WNW for 15m, this limit being reached by members of the TSG approximately 10 years ago. In January 2007, Dan Sullivan reinstigated digging with Mark Brown and other SUSS members. After 7m of Hilti capping and digging in liquid mud a breakthrough came on 19.05.07. This gained 7m of open stooping passage on the same line, decorated with some straws and small stals, ending at a mud choke with small airspace and a good draught (the continuing dig "Destiny" passage).

A hole through boulders in the floor of the new section led into 11m of nicely shaped crawling passage named "Tits" ending at an intermittent sink in mud. A draught rises from a slot in the floor by this sink. There are some small but vulnerable formations here and further visits to this dead end should be avoided.

Opposite "Tits" further digging and capping gained a tight boulder floored rift, where a 4m high aven ended in a too tight horizontal passage ("No Cheese Tunnel"). The total length of new passage is approximately 33m. Digging continues after a lay off during the wet summer. The passage is heading for Dirtlow Rake and hopefully bigger things....

Thanks go to Nick Williams for drill loans and the diggers: Dan Sullivan, Mark Brown, Jeff Wade, Henry Rockcliff, Rich Hunt, Melissa Lambert, Tim Webber, Brendan Sloan, Dave Poole, Passage Names courtesy of the film - Tenacious D "The Pick of Destiny".




Melissa Lambert in the Pindale Cave Extension.

Photo: Rob Eavis 23/05/2007

Melissa Lambert in the Pindale Cave Extension.

Photo: Rob Eavis 23/05/2007

Melissa Lambert in the Pindale Cave Extension.

Photo: Rob Eavis 23/05/2007

Peak Cavern - White River Series

Deep Thought (The No.42 Dig)

Report FromRob Eavis.
Report Date13/11/2007.

Rob Eavis and Glen Sankey (from SUSS) have been back to the #42 dig at the end of Deep Thought in Peak Cavern's White River Series. This was last pushed on the 16th June 2006 by D.A.N. and S.L.P., opening up the lower tube to gain 10m of new passage, a small crawl ending at a very tight squeeze.

R.E. had a look at this in October 2006 passing the squeeze into 5m of passage, ening at another squeeze. On the 12th November 2007 R.E. and G.S. returned with a hammer. R.E. managed to pass the squeeze and three others that followed, into a short section of larger passage (almost walking size) for 3 metres, before the vadose trench was lost. A comfortable and well decorated phreatic tube was followed for 7m to lead back into the small trench, as the phreatic got lost up a calcite blockage to the left. After 2m of this trench a small stream was met which flowed down a very small crack to the right (Note: the stream along Deep Thought passage was not flowing that day). 2m further progress was stopped at a 7" dia. calcite column. The passage could be seen to continue beyond. A return is planned for the near future....

The current limit is now some 40m from the end of the W.R.S. survey.

previous related report 02/2007

Recent work in Darfar Crag Swallet

Report FromMartin Milner.
Report Date17/11/2007.

On 8/11/2007, Pete Ray and Martin Milner of Darfar P.C. spent a productive couple of hours down Darfar Crag Swallet at Wetton Mill. The horizontal way on from the current bottom of the entrance shaft was properly re-opened and the right-hand (towards the river) and left-hand (towards Darfar Pot) passages partially re-explored.

This was the first time that Martin had been in this part of the cave since 1984 when a squeeze into a draughting continuation heading towards Darfar Pot in the right-hand side of the left-hand passage was banged to enlarge it. (Atrocious weather during 1985/6 prevented a return being made and it subsequently got 'forgot about' due to other projects.) About 15m (50ft) horizontal and 6m (20ft) vertical distance separates this point from the end of the Wind Tunnel in Darfar Pot.

The next visit will concentrate on this squeeze to establish what needs to be done to pass it for the first time. The weather will obviously dictate when this will happen. (At the moment the cave is flooded again.).