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Bagshawe Resurgence

Connected to Bagshawe Cavern.

Report FromJohn Taylor
Report Date13/10/2008.

On Saturday 11th October Bagshawe Resurgence was connected to Bagshawe Cavern. Simon Cornhill and John Taylor broke through the dig in the resurgence by levering and breaking boulders at a depth of three metres forty metres into sump two. As soon as open passage was gained a line reel was found three metres ahead. The reel was Simon Brooks who had reeled a line into the sump from the Windy Passage end of Bagshawe Cavern in 1998. This discovery not only proves the connection to Bagshawe but also eases the exploration of an upstream continuation of the sump. The breakthrough is a culmination of thirty years of exploration in this sump by many divers including Jerry Murland, Steve Tucker, Russell Carter, John Cordingly, Andy Morrison, Simon Brooks and Jim Lister.

The next task is to locate the main underwater passage and the way on upstream.

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