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JH: Top of Bitch Pitch collapsed

Report FromJules Barrett.
Report Date18/02/2009.

The area around the top of Bitch Pitch in James Halls' Over Engine Mine (J.H.) has deteriorated significantly during February 2009. The angle iron and rock platform that used to aid progress to the Y-hang at the end has completely gone. Some of the rocks and the 6ft lengths of angle iron are sitting on the floor further back down the Cartgate. Reaching the first P-bolt of the traverse is more difficult than it used to be. Someone has installed a compression anchor (hanger currently in-situ) two or three metres back down the Cartgate to protect the move to the first P-bolt. This anchor has not been installed by DCA; use at your own risk. The wooden stemples that the angle iron and rocks sat on are still in place and can be used to make progress to the Y-hang at the end. Below these stemples is a fairly loose slope of wet mud and small rocks. Anything that falls down/off this slope will roll straight down the line of the ropes below. Care needed! Work is being planned to return the pitch head to it's previous state and stop the slope below deteriorating.

Note: The "platform" at the top of Bitch Pitch was constructed in a hurry during the original exploration in 1994. It was never intended to be permanent so it's done quite well!

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