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Titan - Peak: Another call out

Report FromEd.
Report Date22/03/2009.

On Saturday 21st March a party descended Titan with the intention of exiting Peak via The White River Series. The team took far longer than would normally be expected and they had not given a call out time, in itself irresponsible as this transferred the responsibility of judgment onto the Peak keyholders. Their very slow descent of Titan and slow progress through the system was the primary cause for the call out. Worryingly, they had arranged for Titan to be derigged immediately, eliminating the ability to back track in the event of an emergency.

On the

22nd April

last year another group descended Titan with the intention of exiting via Peak. They got as far as Mucky Ducks, thought it was a sump, turned round and went back, and were so behind time there was a massive call out to search for them. Another fine example of poor trip planning and incompetance which could have lost caver's access to the system.

The Titan - Peak through trip is an easy walk in the park for any competant team but it's no place for incompetance and poor trip planning.

Previous rescue 04/2008

Jug Holes: Small rock fall

Report FromDaryl Godfrey / Adam Evans.
Report Date13/03/2009.

I was telephoned by Richard Saunders and John Buckle (local cavers) to inform me that a large boulder " the size of a football" had fallen down the upper entrance (climbable shaft) while they were exiting today (Friday 13th - Superstition - optional). Some moments later - I received another telephone call from Gary Noble at Derbyshire Youth Service to ask the procedure for reporting 'Dangerous Ground' Gary had observed a large fracture and obvious destabilsation extendeing back to the large boulder yesterday ( Thursday 12th). Gary noted the that it looked likely that it was ready to subside. Evidently he was correct! It is now obvious that this area of 'Jug Holes Lower' is in need of some attention / investigation. It is perhaps prudent to give this site a wide birth for the time being until DCA / PICA have investigated and either given assurances or untertaken the necessary work to stabilse this problem.