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Peak District Caving News May 2009

Bagshawe Cavern

Far Drought Sump pushed another 60m.

Report FromJohn Taylor.
Report Date14/03/2009.

Note from the Ed. Apologies to John Taylor and Simon Cornhill for the delay in publishing this report. We've had a lot on over the last few weeks sorting everything out after a couple of burglaries.

On the 28th February 2009 divers John Taylor and Simon Cornhill launched the first dive into Far Drought Sump in Bagshawe Cavern s Lower Series. Although not a great distance from surface this sump lies beyond three sumps and some arduous passage which requires John and Simon to enter Sump 1 of Bagshawe Resurgence Cave each with one 300bar 4l cylinder and one 200bar 6l cylinder, they then dive through to Downstream Sump 2b base whilst preserving as much air as possible in the 4 s and ditch one 6l cylinder before progressing through Straight Street Sump where the other 6l cylinder is deposited in Straight Street along with one set of equipment. The divers then share the carry of the remaining set of equipment and the two 300bar 4 s to Far Drought Sump. So far the team have launched five such trips and have laid 80m of line into the erstwhile unexplored sump. Surveying has revealed that 20m of this has been laid in passage already surveyed in drought conditions but that still leaves a total of 60m of new, sizeable, passage which at present shows no sign of closing down.

John Taylor kitting up at dive base, Far Drought Sump, Bagshawe Cavern.

Photo: Simon Cornhill. April 2009

John Taylor entering Far Drought Sump, Bagshawe Cavern.

Photo: Simon Cornhill. April 2009

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Winnats Head Cave

Resin anchor installation.

Report FromJules Barrett (DCA).
Report Date28/05/2009.

The downstream pitches in Winnats Head Cave are being equipped with eco anchors. This is the set of three 'down pitches' on the far side of the Sewer. This work will be finished soon but cavers should avoid the downstream pitches in Winnats Head Cave whilst the work is going on. Some old Spits have been removed and the eco anchor routes aren't yet complete. An update will be posted here when the work is finished. The 'up pitches' (i.e. the fixed rope immediately after the Sewer and the series of pitches leading to Wigwam Aven) are not affected.