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Water Icicle Close Cavern: Access Arrangements

Report FromJenny Potts (DCA).
Report Date06/08/2010.

Arrangements have now been made to enable access to the new extensions in Water Icicle Close Cavern. Full details are given on the Orpheus Caving Club Web Site:

Eldon Hill Quarry: Total Access Ban

Report FromJenny Potts (DCA).
Report Date28/08/2010.

The farmer, Mr. Gregory, has banned ALL access to Eldon Quarry for EVERYONE.

Shortly before 21 August persons unknown (not necessarily cavers) cut off the padlock on the gate to the quarry and drove a vehicle or vehicles in. The farmer is understandably furious at the damage and, knowing that cavers have had an interest in the quarry in the past, he rang one of the DCA Officers to demand that a "DCA Notice" be put on the gate to keep cavers out.

The officer concerned bought and installed a new padlock for the farmer and put the notice on the gate. Unfortunately, in the rush to sort things at the time, he forgot to advise other DCA officers of what he had done.

Be aware that the farmer is now keeping a watch on the quarry and will be looking to prosecute anyone he catches damaging his gates or locks. Many farmers are taking precautions against theft of stock, particularly sheep, at present and are therefore locking gates to prevent vehicular access to their land.

Please be aware also that Mr. Gregory farms the land round Eldon Hole, so infringement of his ban on access to Eldon Quarry could even affect access to Eldon Hole, which is currently on a very free and easy basis.

The DCA Access Officer will be visiting Mr. Gregory to try to re-negotiate access for cavers but this may take a little time. Please be patient and stay away for the time being while we attempt to sort things out.

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