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Odin Mine: Collapse

Report FromDerbyshire Caving Association.
Report Date22/02/2011.

WARNING! Collapse and severe instability in Odin Mine: first hand line climb, Stempled Passage, Cartgate.

DCA, in agreement with cavers that discovered the collapse, strongly recommend that no one enters Odin Mine until stabilisation works have been completed. A collapse has occurred at the base of the first hand line climb, approximately 50 metres into the mine: The entire floor has disappeared into a crater approximately 2.5m X 1.5m in size, leaving a ragged drop of approximately ten metres straight down. The walls of this hole are a very unstable and continually falling in.

The material has all landed right in front of the stempled passage that links to the Cartgate, and has also taken out the first two stone stemples, which are now somewhere in the pile. The passage itself is intact, but the heap of large deads, gravel and mud that now partially blocks it is very, very unstable, and is still moving.

Therefore, the stempled passage and, by implication the Cartgate and beyond) are currently inaccessible and very dangerous. For further information please contact the DCA projects officer.

The following have been notified:-