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Peak District Caving News July 2012

Rainfall: 206mm in 30 days

Report FromEd.
Report Date02/07/2012.

Over the last month the cumulative 30 day rainfall total has increased from 51mm to 206mm! Although Peak Cavern has only flooded briefly a couple of times within this period the catchment remains saturated so even relatively small amounts of rainfall will have a significant effect underground.

Rainfall: 215mm in 30 days

Report FromEd.
Report Date07/07/2012.

On Friday 6th 21mm of rain fell on an already saturated catchment taking the cumulative 30 day total to 215mm!

Peakshole Water at 22:00 on Friday 6th

Peakshole Water at 08:30 on Saturday 7th

Possible Collapse in J.H.

Report FromWayne Sheldon.
Report Date25/07/2012.

A group was down James Hall on the 21st July 2012. Whilst they were de-rigging Bitch Pitch, there was a loud rumble for several seconds just underneath the second re-belay. They think all the nasty stacked deads have gone down the pitch. This wasn't investigated because of the potential danger. There was a substantial amount of water falling down the pitch today due to the high water levels. This will be investigated in due course.

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