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Peak District Caving News August 2012

J.H. Collapse Update

Report FromWayne Sheldon.
Report Date01/08/2012.

following the reported collapse on the 21st July Bitch Pitch has been investigated. There has been a collapse level with the 2nd rebelay (the one with two P-hangers in close succession). When facing this rebelay there was a load of miners tailings and some rocks. Half of this has gone down the pitch. The remaining tailings will probably go down the pitch at some point.

The collapse looks to have been caused by water action over time, this flows from the inlet near the top of the pitch in wet conditions. The intention is to undertake a controlled demolition job to remove the remaining tailings very shortly so cavers are advised to avoid the area until this has been done.

J.H. Collapse Update

Report FromWayne Sheldon.
Report Date18/08/2012.

Another inspection of Bitch Pitch was made on the 13th August to see if there had been any more collapses. It didn't look like anything else had fallen down the pitch but a more detailed look revealed that more tailings remained than previously thought. An hour was spent doing some controlled demolition and a considerable amount of tailings and deads were dropped.

The suspect debris has been cut right back but there's still more to be removed. The pitch and the anchors below haven't been checked so cavers are strongly advised not to descend until stabilisation and inspection is complete. A notice has also been put on the entrance lid to this effect.

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