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Peak District Caving News October 2012

Into Darkness: a film by Gavin Newman.

Report FromMatt Heason (Heason Events).
Report Date11/10/2012.

Gavin's talk will be a photographic and video history of his 25-year-cave filming career.

He'll use extended film clips from the various productions he's worked on including Planet Earth, Wild China and Derbsyshire's Titan cave to tell the behind-the-scenes stories of these incredible shoots.

And you'll get a sneak preview of his latest film shot in Mulu which is still in production.

His illustrated lecture will then be followed by his film "Into Darkness". Into Darkness goes beneath the surface to reveal the fantastic underworld universe of caves. Follow a group of cavers, who push through impossibly small passages to access some of the final frontiers on earth.

D.C.A.: Handbook Updates

Report FromJenny Potts (DCA Secretary).
Report Date11/10/2012.

P.1:6, James Hall Over Engine Mine. (29-9-12)

No need to contact Dave Nixon in advance now so omit completely the sentence: "In the first instance call or write to Dave Nixon ... & requests for survey."

P.3:9, Cavers Accommodation. (29-9-12)

Web address for Pindale Farm is now; web address for Hollowford Centre is now

P.1:20, Jacob's Dream Mine, Via Gellia. (5-10-12)

Persons wishing to visit should phone the landowner in advance: Steve Dunn, on []. (He's the guy with the skip hire business on the V.G., on the left just past the transport cafe opposite the turning to Bonsall.)

P.1:20, Groaning Tor Level, Via Gellia. (9-10-12)

No known access restrictions.

P.1:22, Waterfall Hole (Including Crock Pot). (11-10-12)

Cavers covered by the BCA insurance scheme are welcome to visit the cave at any time, but cars must not be parked on the track at any time. (It is just possible to tuck a couple of cars in on the left at the top of the hill towards Foolow). The land on which the cave sits will probably be sold next year but until then the access agreement stands. The owner has also asked if visiting parties will email Mark Noble at [] so he can let them know that cavers will be on their land.