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Peak District Caving News October 2013

Access to Eldon Hill Quarry and Sidetrack Cave

Report FromDCA.
Report Date10/10/2013.

Clarification of the situation at Eldon Hill Quarry, thanks to Pete Mellors of DCA:-

The agreement between DCA, Chatsworth and Natural England allows for digs to be started or resumed in the Quarry without the need for further permissions to be sought or obtained.

The only stipulation is that all trips to the Quarry are logged, (see above document), and DCA has agreed to implement this and so monitor the visiting situation on behalf of Chatsworth, the tenant farmer, and Natural England, largely in case of damage or threats to the scientific interest of the site. Cavers are asked, in other words, to keep it low key, fill in the logbook, and please dig responsibly and thereby safeguard the access we now have.

Full details are available from the DCA website at:

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