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Peak District Caving News January 2015

Precautionary Closure of the Titan Entrance Shaft

Report FromDave Nixon.
Report Date01/01/2015.

With immediate effect access to the Titan Entrance Shaft has been suspended. The middle section of the shaft is lined with heavy duty glass fibre rings, and six of these, along with their associated steel fittings, are showing signs of severe deformation and are highly likely to fail, at any time.

If these rings fail a massive amount of retained material will enter and fill the shaft with severe consequences. Temporary bracing is to be intsalled over the next few days which will hopefully halt or slow the deformation and provide enough time to engineer a permanent solution.

Photo: The Titan Entrance Shaft (courtesy of John Cordingley)

Titan Entrance Shaft Update

Report FromDave Nixon.
Report Date04/01/2015.

Over the weekend of the 3rd and 4th emergency bracing was installed. Acrow props and timber stemples have been placed horizontally in key positions.

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