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Peak District Caving News January 2016

Diesel Pollution in Speedwell Cavern

Report FromPhil Baker.
Report Date25/01/2016.

A party of three descended JH (James Hall's Over Engine Mine) on Sunday 24th. Upon entering the Speedwell Streamway at Boulder Piles it was evident that there was a very strong smell of Diesel. So strong that that you could taste it and breathing was uncomfortable. The intended trip up Pilkington's Series was aborted at the junction of Whirlpool Passage. A strange foam was floating on the water at this point. The streamway upstream of Boulder Piles was investigated and the pollution was equally strong, suggesting that it was emanating from Main Rising.

The Derbyshire Caving Association have been made aware and investigations are under way to ascertain the source. Updates will be posted here and via out Twitter feed


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