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The Rasp Upstream Sump.

Report FromEd.
Report Date06/1998.

5th June 1998: The upstream sump of the Rasp Streamway (at the far western end of Far Sump Extension) was investigated in dry conditions and looked promising. The sump was free dived to a point where a shimmering air surface could be seen beyond but the restricted nature of the sump prevented it being passed.

The last unclimbed aven in Balcombe's Way was completed on the same trip and topped out after 20m in a 'too tight' rift.

12th June 1998: The upstream Rasp Sump was revisited by Dave Nixon, Guy Smith and Shaun Puckering. The sump (only a few meters long) was pushed feet first to an awkward contortion that prevented entry to the air surface beyond. The water was then lowered by baling a small connected pool just down stream but this perched before unroofing the sump.

26th June 1998: The sump was finally passed by Dave Nixon and Anthony Revell. The sump was pumped dry and after a small amount of digging entry was gained to the passage beyond. A small dry cascade led to a canal, unfortunatly terminating in another sump after just 6m.

Due to the extreme nature of this part of the cave and the prospect of greater finds elsewhere the consensus was 'stuff that!' and attention was focused on tackling the boulder choke at the end of Far Sump.

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