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Peak District Caving News June 1999


Titan rigged as a single 466ft pitch!

Report FromDave Nixon.
Report Date06/1999.

The climbing in Titan was completed on Friday 4th June and the pitch to the floor rigged. From the alcove in the aven at the top some careful positioning of a Y hang avoided the 65m ledge below and the rope hung 142m (466ft) to the floor. The original route up, via the 65m ledge is still in place. Work continues...



have sponsored the project and generously supplied the ropes to rig Titan.

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Dave Nixon and Tim Horne below Titan's Event Horizon at 65m, less than half way up.


Bagshawe Cavern

Exploration and Rescue.

PhotoPaul Deakin 06/02/1999
Report FromEd.
Report Date01/06/1999.

On the 1st of June Anthony Revell and John Taylor revisited the aven above Brew Chamber in the Moss Rake Series area of the Lower Level. This Aven was last investigated in January with the way on visible past a precariously poised choke. John Taylor passed the boulders and intentionally dropped them but they unfortunatly keyed up just below in a narrow section of the rift above the 5m high aven. Due to the unstable nature of one of the walls and the roof Anthony was unable to rectify the situation from below and John couldn't shift them from above. A decision was made and Anthony exited the cave to call for assistance. A small DCRO crew arrived and the choke was eventually dropped after some top work by Derek (T Pot) Stables. T Pot managed to get up into a reasonably stable area of the rift level with the hanging choke and after an hour of work with a crowbar dropped the entire choke to the floor which was very entertaining for those below. T Pot and John returned to the floor and along with the rest of the crew returned to the surface - slightly later than planned and after last orders. Credit is due to all involved but especially to T Pot for his work at the sharp end.

You owe him a pint John!

At the end of the day it could be said that the digging trip was successful. John had plenty of time to look at what was beyond the choke. Above, more stable ground (thankfully) leads up to the base of another aven, estimated to be 10m heigh. A return is planned for the near future to climb it.

Oh - and someone

(who shall remain nameless)

managed to rip the sliding door off the side of the DCRO van on the corner of a wall. DCRO needs a new van anyway so if anyone wishes to make a donation feel free.

Dave Nixon in Bagshawe Cavern's Lower Level en route to the Moss Rake Series.

Photo: Shaun Puckering 21/04/1993


Eldon Hole

Belay Stakes.

Report FromRalph Johnson.
Report Date01/06/1999.

Crewe C.P.C. have now obtained permission from English Nature and DCA to install the new stainless belay stakes in the North Gully. All that is required now is for permission to be obtained for need to negotiate access for a vehicle to the site

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Hillocks Mine

Whalf Shaft reopened

Report FromCrewe Climbing & Pothole Club.
Report Date11/06/1999.

Whalf shaft (the the "new" 50m+ entrance to Hillocks) is now open. Whalf Shaft lies in the small copse across the lane from the Hillocks entrance. See Volume IV of the Peak Rigging Guide (published by Crewe C.P.C.). The rebuilt ginging now rests on three reinforced lintels pinned into the bedrock with stainless steel pins.

Poole's Cavern

Iminent breakthrough?

Report FromMr X.
Report Date06/1999.

A lengthy dig in the choke at the end of a well known show cave looks set to be rewarded with some significant open passage. A route was excavated under a huge boulder in the choke breaking through into an open section. Beyond a 'large walking sized passage' could be seen leading off into the distance, curving round to the right after an estimated 25m. Although inviting this was not explored due to the unstable nature of the final section of the choke. Some shoring work will be carried out in the next few days which will alow safe entry to the new passage.

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