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PEAK DISTRICT CAVING News - October 1999


Work set to start on surface dig, October 1999:

Dave Nixon has spent a considerable amount of time and effort over the last few months negotiating with the powers that be... (the land owner, English Nature, Peak Park, Ministry of Agriculture etc.) and has obtained permission to start work on the surface dig that should connect with the boulder choke in the 130m Passage in Titan's Western Wall. Not only will this connection bypass the epic round trip from JH and Far Sump Extension, that currently involves over 2000ft of ropes, but it should simultaneously open up the continuation of the 3m x 4m 130m Passage. This passage, heading west, is currently the prime site for extending the known system. After all, the last bit of cave found in this area of the hill was Titan.......

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Renewed interest in Buxton Water Aven, 17th October 1999:

Mark Wright has renewed his interest in completing the climb in Buxton Water Aven. The aven, part way through Buxton Water Sump, was last climbed in the early 90's but progress was halted by unstable ground. If this loose ground colapsed it would probably block the way out of the aven and rescue would be doubtful. Mark made the 60m dive to the base of the aven on Sunday 17th to measure up for some scaffolding, with the intention beeing to protect the entry to the sump.

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Glory Hole dive, 17th October 1999:

Simon Brookes has returned to The Glory Hole to inspect the boulders in the submerged rift. These boulders can, and have been pased into a continuing passage but their stability is questionable. If they were disturbed by a diver, there would be no way out. Simon made a dive in poor visability down to the rift, and using a folding ruler, took measurements by feel for scaffolding. If the boulders can be secured it will make further dives beyond them a little less worrying.

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Crewe CPC alocation, October 1999:

Crewe CPC recently managed to secure a 3000 grant from the National Lottery to assist with their training programme and the introduction of novices to caving.


Progress report from Pete Dell, October 1999:

Last week Andy Foster broke through into a small void the size of a car. Progress is reported to becoming easier and work continues.......

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Pakistan team from the Quota based Chiltan Adventures Association visit UK as guests of the Orpheus Caving Club, Derbyshire, October 1999:

As part of the Clubs 50th Anniversary Celebrations a team of six members from the Chiltan Adventures visited the UK on what was entitled the 6th Pak-Britain Joint Mountaineering and Cave Exploration Training Expedition (United Kingdom) 1999 . The main focus of the visit was for the Pakistan team to learn the techniques of caving and mountaineering, particularly vertical caving in respect to recent discoverers in Pakistan. The Pakistan team included; Hayatullah Khan Durrani, Malik Abdul Rahim Baabai, Mohammad Rafique, Atta-ur-Rehman Khiliji, Abdul Ghaffar and Salla-ud-Din and was the third time a team from Pakistan have visited the UK as guests of the Orpheus. During their stay which began on 30th July and finished on 31st August the Pakistan team caved in Derbyshire visiting Giants, P8, Water Icecle and other sites. They also visited the Mendip and climbed in Snowdonia, after which time was spent on sightseeing and cultural visits. The training parts of the visit concluded with a Party at the Orpheus Caving Club cottage in Derbyshire at which the Chiltan Adventures team was presented with books on caving techniques and a variety of caving equipment to assist further exploration in Pakistan. Through the growing partnership between the Orpheus and the Chiltan Adventures plans are being made or a team from the Orpheus to return to Pakistan in Autumn 2000 and also make a reconnaissance visit to karst areas in Afghanistan. The Orpheus Caving Club wishes to expresses its gratitude to members who were involved in looking after the Pakistan team, to John Skinner for assistance in Snowdonia and Martin Grass and Jrat for organising caving trips and social activities etc. on the Mendips.

Report - Simon Brooks, October 1999.