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PEAK DISTRICT CAVING News - December 1999


A follow up to the reports of instability, December 1999:

Following last months reports on insability in the area between West Ante Chamber and West Chamber PDC has received a number of follow up reports from various cavers. It looks at though an amount of stabilisation work has been carried out by various groups passing through. This is second hand information but it sounds as though the area is reasonably stable if care is exercised. As always, it is up to each individual to judge for themselves....


Exploration halted by snow and rain, December 1999:

The first week of December saw a bit of rough weather which hampered surface digs and various underground projects. Wet weather followed by snow and a thaw caused water levels to rise to near flood level. The Titan surface dig has been put on hold due to snow and rain making conditions unmanagable.


The dig continues, December 1999:

A short report has come in from the diggers in Poole's Cavern. The dig is progressing well in the tube beyond the choke. Watch this space......

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