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DCA only installs and maintains fixed anchors (BP and Eco-anchors).  Please report any defective anchors to the DCA .

The DCA does not install or maintain fixed ropes or other types of anchor. It is the individual caver's responsibility to assess the condition of any fixed aids or in-situ equipment before chosing to use them,


All anchors should be checked before use. Twist the anchor using the fingers, while observing any movement. Slight flexing or rotational movement (+ / - 1mm) of the anchor is acceptable. The following points should be checked before using or loading the anchors:

  • Looseness or fracture of the rock in which the anchor is placed.
  • Grooves or abrasion inside the curvature of the anchor (i.e. the inside contact area of the anchor).
  • Obvious damage to the anchor or placement from rock fall.
  • Excessive rotation of the resin within the drilled hole.
  • Rotation of the anchor within the resin.
  • Fracturing of the rock within 20cm of the anchor placement.
  • Egress of the anchor from the resin or resin from the drilled hole.
I accept the above conditions.