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Bagshawe Cavern

Entrance of Bagshawe Cavern


General Access Details

  1. Make sure that you are familiar with the contents of the 'Bagshawe Cavern Conservation Plan' and 'Use by Area' documents, which can be found here.
  2. Contact the Custodian, Amanda Revell, giving reasonable notice to obtain the code for the push button lock on the Coe door at her email address: (reveal).
  3. Let Amanda have proof of current BCA liability insurance. Probably easiest to email Amanda scanned copies. Amanda will keep these on file.
  4. Fill in details of your trip in the Cavern logbook and (unless other arrangements are made for payment) put your payment (£2.00 per head) in an envelope inside the letterbox safe which is inside the Coe. Write your name & club, the date, number in party and amount paid on the envelope.
  5. When trip is finished don't forget to sign out.
This site is part of the DCA SSSI Conservation Monitoring Scheme.
See the DCA website for competition details.


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