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Intake Dale Mine

Entrance of Intake Dale Mine


build Derbyshire Key required.

Within Intake Dale, halfway between the two roads, on the south flank where Shuttle Rake crosses the dale.

70m-deep engine shaft (previously blocked at the top and concealed) has recently been re-opened by the Eldon PC, and rebuilt and restored by the DCA. This is within a very large modern plinth of stacked deads, covered with a galvanised steel lid, locked with nuts - Derbyshire Key required. The shaft is on land that is used by walkers, so ensure that lid is closed after entry, and firmly locked upon leaving.

Stope entrance is a small vertical slot high on the dale side to NE of engine shaft, dropping immediately into a very narrow 30m shaft on the vein - stacked deads throughout on either side. Great care should be exercised upon entering and leaving this route due to loose rock. Keep entrance covered.


The mine is very loose and dangerous almost throughout.


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