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Eldon Quarry Caves


Eldon Quarry is part of the Castleton SSSI and all digging needs to be logged. To this end DCA has installed a box which is clamped to the gate at the western end of Slitherstone Lane. The key is on a chain tucked out of sight in one end of the bar (Please note the box is not easily spotted if the gate is open). The box, a modified ornate letter box, contains a logbook, pens, and a survey of the quarry, marking and naming all the known caves and dig sites. Cavers are asked to record their visits and name the site visited. New sites should be given a name and added to the survey.

At the farmer's insistence all vehicles must be parked on the lane and under no circumstances driven into the quarry or quarry area. His gate must be kept fastened and entry left clear at all times. Visitors need to understand they enter and explore the quarry entirely at their own risk but should carry proof of valid Public Liability insurance cover.

Dogs should be left at home.