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Giants Hole

Entrance of Giants Hole


Notice giving access details at the car park in the valley bottom. Trespass fee of £3 to be put in the envelope supplied with car registration number(s) written on it and placed in box by the notice.  (Payment by cheque is acceptable - payable to "Peakshill Farm".) 

Strict speed limit in force on farm road - visitors ignoring it may be turned away.

Note: there are no changing facilities at the house or barns.

This site is part of the DCA SSSI Conservation Monitoring Scheme.
See the DCA website for competition details.


Stream passages below Garlands Pot may become impassable in flood conditions. The cave should not be descended by novices during heavy rain. St. Valentine's Sump rapidly fills, and is difficult to bale from the other side. Baling outlet frequently blocked now. Make sure Far Curtain is accessible before abseiling Filthy Five for a round trip via Geology Pot!


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