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Giant’s Hole, Maskhill Mine and Oxlow Mine is a combined system of 5,184 Metres and a total depth of 242 Metres. Oxlow Mine was rediscovered in 1869 and explored but it was subsequently lost until forty years later when Derbyshire Pennine Club re-found the shaft and explored it but a trip was a major undertaking. In the fifties, the BSA began exploring the Mine, discovering that Maskhill Mine connected in 1951 while in 1964, New Oxlow Series was entered. Prior to 1966, Giant’s Hole was a stand-alone System until a group from Eldon Pothole Club made to connection to the New Oxlow Series of Oxlow Mine, following a period of surveying then digging to open up a combined system.

See individual sections of the system for specific access information.

More information regarding the history of these systems can be found in Iain Barker, Classic Caves of the Peak District, 1997, Redwood Books.

Giant’s Hole, p.70-76. Maskhill Mine, p.118-120. Oxlow Mine, p.134-139.


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